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October 2019 - Advice in feature article about Katie Price's recovery from cocaine addiction - Closer Magazine

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19 Sept 2018- Expert on What Life is Like With an Addictive Personality Disorder - MTV

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31 May 2017 - Quoted as Addiction Expert on How to Know if You're Addicted to Lip Balm - Vice: Broadly

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11 Oct 2015 - Featured as an anxiety disorder specialist in an article about GAD: Do you dread the day ahead? How to control that constant feeling of anxiety - in The Daily Mail, The Mail on Sunday, and You Magazine.

18 Aug 2015 - Quoted on quick tips to deal with stress: Brits spend five years of our lives worrying - Read 15 for stress-free life - Daily Mirror

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29 Jan 2014 - Quoted as an expert in the article "The Dry Argument: Are Alcohol abstinence Challenges Worth the Slog?" for Daily Life in Australia.

16 Jan 2014 - Two interviews in Australia for Health Professional Radio about addiction and my books: The Recovery Formula and The Happy Addict

14 Jan 2014 - Interviewed on UnTangled FM about addiction and recovery

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2 Dec 2013 - Quoted in an article: "Managing Substance Misuse at Work" for the Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM)

November 2013 - Quoted in Rapport magazine: "10 Top Tips for World Mental Health Day"

October 3013 - Interviewed by Stroud FM DJ Mark Leigh for in-recovery.com

September 2013 - Article featured in Druglink magazine : "Pills, Thrills and a Bellyache"

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June 2013 - Quoted in Real People magazine's Obesity Report - talking about sugar addiction

May 2013 - Featured interview in the award-winning Mental Matters magazine

March 2013 - Interviewed on the premiere of The Addiction Show

21 December 2012 -Interviewed on BBC Three Counties Radio: Coping with hating Christmas

20 December 2012 -Interviewed on BBC Radio Cumbria: Tips for a stress-free Christmas

December 2012 - Interviewed in Tesco Magazine about volunteering at Christmas

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